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$BeNFT Coin goes live on Coinstore on 11/17/2022. There is NO pre-sale and only 10.5% of the total circulating supply (735,000 $BeNFt) will be released on this date. The total supply is only 7,000,000 $BeNFT coins. Listing happening on 11/29/2022 @ 11:00 UTC +8

IEO Start

Nov 21, 2022 (16:00 UTC +8)

Number of Coins for sale

735,000 $BeNFT Coins (10.5%)

IEO Date

Nov 22, 2022 (16:00 UTC +8)

Tokens exchange rate

1 USDT = 3.33 $BENFT ($0.30 per $BeNFT)

Available Pairs


Listing Date

11/29/2022 @ 11:00 UTC +8

What is $BeNFT?

BeNFT brings an innovative way to use NFT’s. We combine our $BeNFT coin and BeNFT Token to create a bridge between Web2.0 and Web3.0.

Our smart contract is built on the Solana platform making it cost-effective and time efficient. BeNFT brings to the table a fully-tested employee reward/gamification platform that generates Soulbound NFT’s which can be gifted by an employer as a form of employee recognition/incentivization.

NFT owners can accrue the tokens linked to the NFT’s then exchange them for physical products within our GMT Marketplace or convert them to Fiat. We have taken this concept to the next level by building an e-Learning platform where certificates of completion are actually Soulbound NFT’s, revolutionizing the corporate e-Learning environment.

Our vision is to use NFT technology to de-centralize day-to-day activities so that both employers and employees have full control over their incentives, accomplishments and rewards at all times by using a fast, secure and inexpensive all-inclusive platform.


$BeNFT Coin goes live on Coinstore on 11/21/2022. There is NO pre-sale and only 10.5% of the total circulating supply (735,000 $BeNFt) will be released on this date. The total supply is only 7,000,000 $BeNFT coins.

No price volatility on points associated with benefits programs, Automation in recognition assignments, Accrual of points based on recognitions gathered, Withdrawal to FIAT or prizes, Beehive®-Meta Wall of Fame where each user has all recognitions on walls, sharable to other users and social media, BeNFT airdrops to users and holders, Integration with companies’ metrics data sources, KPI dashboard in BeNFT user portal & BeNFT recognitions are received as a Mystery Box

  • No Transaction Costs
  • e-Learning Platform
  • Point Accrual & Exchange
  • Automation in Rewards & Recognitions
  • Connection to GMT Marketplace
  • Raffles and Launchpad
  • Ad-Hoc Wallet

Tokenomics Tokenomics

of tokens

of proceeds


November 2021

Creation of the idea of $BeNFT, Team built up.

January 2022

Building SC on the SOL blockchain, DAO Setup

March 2021

BeNFT Platform development architecture and development starts, Token, Coin and Multivendor NFT marketplace ready.

May 2022

Staking Reward program development, Hold & Earn functionality and project submission to exchanges.

July 2022

$BeNFT Company portal development, Automation on KPI’s and Gamification development.

September 2022

BeeHive Metaverse, end-users reward program and BeNFT Token minting.

November 2022

IEO at Coinstore.com. 10.5% of the supply to be sold at $0.30 per $BeNFT Coin. Listing on 11/29/2022 @ 11:00 UTC +8

December 2022

Launch of GMT Marketplace. Raffles, collectibles and charity fundraising platform.

February 2023

B2B Sales start for the BeNFT Corporate platform

March 2023

Public Sale Round 2 at Coinstore.com

May 2023

Soulbound NFT e-learning platform launch

Powered by a Team TEAM

The BeNFT Solutions Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Mitch Chester
Managing Director
Theo Ratcliffe
PR Director
Jose Borbon
Marketing Director
Juan Pablo Granados
Ops Director
Carlos Melendez
Legal and Compliance
Miranda Reinke
Design Director
Moises Espinoza
B2B Director
Guillermo Gharib
Financial Director


Mike Pakdaman
Board Advisor
John Rexer
Board Advisor
Alex Jones
Board Advisor


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Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of $BeNFT, cryptocurrencies, and a few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

$BeNFT can only be purchased with our partners Coinstore.com. There is no circulating supply outside of this exchange.

BeNFT is an SPL contract built on the Solana platform that combines utility tokens with NFT tokens which can be accrued and withdrawn to $BeNFT or Stable coins such as USDT. BeNFT provides token value to its NFTs so that they can be used as a rewards system for any purpose. The SPL contract is enabled to auto fund accounts, therefore BeNFT can be sent to any Phantom Wallet user without a current BeNFT balance, giving BeNFT a wider scope and reach. Art galleries are stored in Solsea.io and custom artwork based on category can be selected by employers or end users. This custom artwork is then rewarded via BeNFT NFTs / Tokens to employees or select individuals.

Once the ICO has ended you will receive $BeNFT coins on your Coinstore account.

The minimum is $50 which equates to 166 $BeNFT coins, and the maximum is $1000 which equates to 3000 $BeNFT coins.

Join our recognition/incentivization program using Soulbound NFT’s and $BeNFT tokens. Use the $BeNFT tokens in the GMT Marketplace, or use them to bet on PRG.bet along with a lot more to come.

$BeNFT will be listed on Coinstore.com exclusively until further update.

Yes you can! Our partners Coinstore.com support credit card payments.

Phantom wallet and our own $BeNFT Wallet.

$BeNFT is a low supply project, only 7 million $BeNFT in circulation

It has set to be 3 months after the ICO ends.

Sometime between end of Q4 and early Q1 2023

$BeNFT coin is the only asset that is getting listed and associated with a Marketmaker account and liquidity pool. BeNFT Token is our internal transactional token that has no liquidity pool assigned yet it can be exchanged for $BeNFT coins.

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